Ready — Set — Go!

May 24, 2015.  Last Spring, I overhauled my extensive bed of crinum lilies.  The project involved digging up enormous bulbs, then digging the entire area down six inches, then refilling with decomposed granite.  A team of three strong men accomplished that in two days — and left me to the creative placement of planter holes, replanting about one fourth of the bulbs, and finding homes for the remainder.  A labor of love, and hope for thriving of all transplants (spread to just about everyone I knew and a dozen or so responders to FreeCycle).

Image #1 was taken today — this year’s first blooms.  Thrill to see them! They’ll be pinking up the front yard until our first freeze.

Image #2 — my “blank slate” — goes with the poem, written when the work crew drove off and I dug in.





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