Dose Of Awe

May 31, 2015.  I live in central Texas, an area reeling from storms, floods, and the loss of homes and lives over Memorial Day weekend.  We’ve been in a serious drought for years, watching our lakes (our water supply) go lower, lower, lower.  Rain so badly needed came in volumes the ground and rivers could not hold.  The lakes are not full, but we are way above the level just two weeks ago.  This is a huge relief.  But at a steep price.  Tugged between the trauma of human loss and the magnitude of what Mother Nature is capable of — I have settled on the word “awe” as best fit.

The image is a photo taken on Memorial Day just before dusk, as the rains moved away and we ventured outside.  I’m grateful I looked up!

The poem evolved over the next few days, reflecting.  Reflecting will continue, but here’s the poem as it now stands.




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