Ode To Rainbow Chard

October 31, 2015.  On this day given to disguises, what better counter to the madness than an ode to something utterly genuine – needs no mask – offers treats with no subtle insinuation of tricks.  I’ll take an hour in the garden with the chard over any amount of time with faux goblins, thank you.

This is another ode prompted by the class I’ve been taking.  Enjoy!




Ode To Calico Cat

October 15, 2015.  I’m currently taking a wonderful online class taught by Lorraine Mejia-Green (www.LorraineMejia.com). We are writing odes of our own patterned after Pablo Neruda odes.  This poem stems from reading Neruda’s Ode To The Cat.  Often more mindful of daily schedules than are their human companions, cats do not hesitate to remind us of the hour at hand.   Living with cats is an effective mindfulness practice!

This photo of Sketch waiting at the front door was taken by Gary Kendrick, the one who nightly tames the wild huntress into snuggler.




Dish Distress

October 5, 2015.  Our tabby Ziggy is an outdoor man but used to the finer comforts of regular feedings, thanks to the Git-Em-Fed which cranks out daily portions.  Its motor and accompanying patter of cat nibbles dropping into the stainless bowl are music to Ziggy’s ears, chiming time-to-eat.  He’s a routine creature.  He does not much like disruptions to his routine.  Today he let me know his distress – expected food did not emerge from the rumble-tub!

Still feeling guilty, my own moment of distress lingering, I opened the WordPress Poetry 201 prompt calling for a poem using the word “gift” and a simile, in the acrostic form.   Ah, perhaps a way to appease the feline gods for my lack of feeder diligence.

The picture of Ziggy is from another such day when he found his dish void of due gifts.