Dish Distress

October 5, 2015.  Our tabby Ziggy is an outdoor man but used to the finer comforts of regular feedings, thanks to the Git-Em-Fed which cranks out daily portions.  Its motor and accompanying patter of cat nibbles dropping into the stainless bowl are music to Ziggy’s ears, chiming time-to-eat.  He’s a routine creature.  He does not much like disruptions to his routine.  Today he let me know his distress – expected food did not emerge from the rumble-tub!

Still feeling guilty, my own moment of distress lingering, I opened the WordPress Poetry 201 prompt calling for a poem using the word “gift” and a simile, in the acrostic form.   Ah, perhaps a way to appease the feline gods for my lack of feeder diligence.

The picture of Ziggy is from another such day when he found his dish void of due gifts.




7 thoughts on “Dish Distress

  1. It’s a difficult form this acrostic and I felt tied down on some lines. You came out well with a great story and a captured moment running along so smooth 🙂


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