Morning Song

Clearing the clutter on my desk I found a pencil scratched poem from a morning I apparently recognized as worth remembering.  When better than now?  I feel blessed to spot the poem about the wren I never did see.

I’ve paired this with a photo taken a different morning, also worth of re-savoring.  The tree stands in the center of the Seton NW labyrinth, here in Austin.

Two reflections of morning joy – oh, to be able to carry a tune like that wren!  I’d be singing along …





4 thoughts on “Morning Song

  1. Lovely. I almost never see wrens but often hear them. When I do see one, I find it hard to believe such a small bird could make such a loud sound.

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  2. I’ve been staring out my kitchen window at two very busy Carolina wrens all morning! Their impossibly LOUD song always delights me!


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