Storm Stirrings

April 28, 2016.  Last night again rain, and with this round some fierce winds.  By dawn, clear sky (the better to assess damages).  Chainsaws buzzing all day – removing fallen and torn-left-hanging branches – kept me stirred up.

I can’t recall my dreams, but I woke with Ray Wylie Hubbard singing about true believers out on the road tonight (from his song The Messenger) and instantly thought of the baby wrens nested near our front door.   I am awed by the unwavering trust birds have that another and then another tasty insect is ready for the snatching and taking back to hungry young.  Too busy to worry!  They must also trust storms will cease.

I found the wren house intact, a chorus coming from within. Assorted yard objects at peculiar angles amplified my gratitude for a sturdy bird house securely hung in an optimal location.   As often happens, gratitude leads me to my camera.  I got lucky catching both wren parents in a single shot – but their motion made matters a bit blurry.  I experimented with artistic processing tricks and ended up with this soft reflection of their energy.




6 thoughts on “Storm Stirrings

  1. Thanks, Audrey. Guessing the birds are on a different timeline in Colorado Springs. Raining again here … but so far the wind is behaving – likely exhausted after night-before-last!


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