Natural Essential Ritual

May 8, 2016.  Yesterday, while listening to wisdom about ways to encourage transcendent experiences, I found myself writing this poem in the margin of my notes.  One of the suggestions was ritual.  My thoughts went immediately to the daily morning routine with our Labrador.   Where better to “wake up” than outdoors just before dawn?  Ritual happens.




6 thoughts on “Natural Essential Ritual

  1. Lovely!

    Sam’s beloved feral cat died yesterday. Would like her leftover Meow-mix and fresh step unscented cat litter? We would I like it to go to someone whose protector we know. Didn’t you say you have a cat?



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  2. “Flex joints stiff from hours curled like crescent moon…Listen deeply to overlapped melodies of birds waking”
    Wow! Love it!

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  3. Buttercup is my first dog since childhood … she has really opened doors in my perspectives … and bless her, she gets me outdoors every morning! Just what my joints and my heart need.


  4. I adopted a rescue stray from my Animal Shelter when I got home from Austin, the first dog I’ve owned in 40 years. While I worked and was away so much, I didn’t feel it was fair to a dog, so had cats all those years, and loved them dearly. My little guy is a 1-year-old mixed beagle, as sweet as can be. I’m now beginning new rituals, long forgotten, and dearly love them. You can imagine how this lovely poem resonated for me. Gracias, gracias!

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