At Butterfly Pace

June 30, 2016.  I enjoyed an unexpected escort coming down from the top of Mt. Mitchell (off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina – highest US peak East of the Mississippi). You can drive almost to the top but a fairly steep (albeit paved) path leads to the summit.  For me, going up that path took all my concentration.  Coming back down, in contrast, was pure pleasure.  What a treat to catch a photo in one of my guide’s brief pauses!




Aging Steps

June 19, 2016.  We’re traveling – currently in Asheville NC camped very near an entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Yesterday we did a lot of driving and a bit of walking at various stops along the Parkway.  I encountered these steps, camera in hand, and wanted to capture both perspectives – looking up and looking down the steps.  My legs balked, as they frequently do of late.  Luckily, my imagination gets younger as my body gets older – a needed balance.

I wrote the poem while Gary was off on a hike this morning, not knowing until he returned that he would go up these very steps onto a trail across the mountain.  He brought back pics that are now melding into my imagined views for an eclectic virtual experience.







June 10, 2016.  Traveling for several weeks.  After navigating the boulders strewn in the path of departure (too many to enumerate!), we departed exhausted. Our first stop is Linden TX, on our projected path to North Carolina via Arkansas and Tennessee.  Linden is home of Music Texas Theater, host to many top performers.  We are here to applaud J. D. Souther (of Eagles affiliation and much, much more) – his tunes come tonight.

In search of a wi-fi signal, we ended up at the theater mid morning, ahead of the crowds – stumbling into serenity.




Figment’s Outing

June 3, 2016.  I go several times a year to Red Corral Ranch with a group sponsored by Seton Cove – each a day of reflection; each preceded by a request to bring something for the altar relating to the upcoming day’s focus.  Often the focus defies concrete symbols.  And the recent focus on relationship with inner critic had me scratching my head … until suddenly Figment and a famous Rilke quote came to mind arm-in-arm.

Like me, Figment has faded a bit with age.  In 1982 I lived in South Florida and visited Epcot (a Disney World companion) on first opening.  Most impressive at the time and certainly most memorable was Kodak’s walk-through.  A large elusive purple dragon appeared here and there along the way:  Figment (of imagination).  I came home with my smaller-but-tangible Figment, intended I suppose as a child’s toy (bearing the Disney copyright).   A child at heart, I loved Figment at first sight.

For a number of years, Figment has perched atop a cabinet, overseeing my annual intention mandala.  Indeed, my intentions are my most valuable treasures.  Indeed, they have a dragon guardian.  This image is of Figment returned to post following the Red Corral outing – where he posed adorably on the altar.  (Where is it written an inner critic must be grumpy?)