Aging Steps

June 19, 2016.  We’re traveling – currently in Asheville NC camped very near an entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Yesterday we did a lot of driving and a bit of walking at various stops along the Parkway.  I encountered these steps, camera in hand, and wanted to capture both perspectives – looking up and looking down the steps.  My legs balked, as they frequently do of late.  Luckily, my imagination gets younger as my body gets older – a needed balance.

I wrote the poem while Gary was off on a hike this morning, not knowing until he returned that he would go up these very steps onto a trail across the mountain.  He brought back pics that are now melding into my imagined views for an eclectic virtual experience.






5 thoughts on “Aging Steps

  1. Your analogy is so lovely, I shivered.
    I’m a few days late responding, but still want to say: if you ever come further north on the Parkway, I live near the exit to Waynesboro, Virginia. My daughter’s wedding was up on a special ridge on the Parkway last month. It’s such a stunning place, but I’ve not seen steps like these in our area.


    1. Mary Jo, thankyou!
      I can’t think of a prettier place for a wedding than on the Blue Ridge Parkway … just about any spot on it has charms all its own. We aren’t getting as far up as you this trip (darn!) but the good news is that Gary just LOVES this part of the world and we will be back. He’s never been East of Arkansas before and had no clue what he was missing. (smiles!)

      These steps are in the Craggy Garden picnic area – near Asheville.


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