Wondering Up

July 23, 2016.  A favorite part of an extended vacation comes after-the-fact, back home going through photographs and recalling the ups and downs of your travels.  I spent one lovely afternoon in Asheville NC alone, looking up at clouds for about two hours – reaching for the camera now and again – but mostly in a mental wander, body in a nontraditional pose any chiropractor would have scolded.  (Advantages of meditating solo!)  Unable to choose just one photo, I’ve created a collage – apt metaphor for what was transpiring both above and within.

PostSignature Post_2016-07-23_Image_SkyCollage


Waning Light

July 18, 2016.  Home from five weeks of road trip – all we anticipated in terms of beauty, hiking, companionship, and music.  But the bigger world threw more than a few punches at us.  And I mean all of us, you reading this included.  The camping lifestyle provides time and space for reflection.  This is from an evening in Arkansas.  The image is the view from our campsite.




Not Exactly DejaVu

July 4, 2016.  Still traveling.  Have now twice been over a stretch of Interstate 40 with the power to literally make one’s insides churn.  The speed limit is 45mph, but trucks go faster and there are many trucks!  Turn after turn after turn – eastern edge of Tennessee, in the Cherokee forest.  I traveled this road several years back with the bad luck to be driving after dark, in incredibly dense  fog.  I pulled off on an exit that went uphill to a gas station – nothing else in sight – inside asking about places to spend the night without getting back on the freeway.  The attendant raised his eyebrows and recommended a little back road that would eventually get me to town.  His comment on the fog:  “Well, these are the Smokey Mountains; you should not be driving at night.”  Uh-huh!

No way to stop for a photo on either occasion – the collage is my best attempt at contrasting the two experiences.  The twisty road is derived from Google Maps reflecting the actual curvature..