September 12, 2016.  What are the odds a native redbud tree would follow its most prolific blooming spree three months later with sudden death?  The blooms had been replaced with lush green leaves when we left on summer travels.  Six weeks later, return was saddened by the lifeless brown of those leaves and the crisp snap of limbs tested.   Research suggested possibilities, but the suddenness really confuses!

Saturday we got out the chainsaw and did what had to be done.  Depressing.  One bit of beauty remained – rings in the sliced trunk.  Out came the camera and my gears began turning on a collage to commemorate the tree.  Shots of the rings, of the stump, of St. Francis standing alone (no more posing beneath the redbud).




6 thoughts on “Stumped

    1. Me, too. Gary planted that tree shortly after moving in ten years ago, and began trimming/training it – a “pet plant” so to speak. Online he found a couple of diseases that redbuds can get. And we did have a cracked limb, one symptom of one of the diseases. Or, yeah, maybe it wore itself out!
      Thank you for commenting.


  1. I love your tribute to this unexpected death; visualizing St Francis without his leafy bower, with sawdust on his shoulders, witnessing you, Gary, and the demise of the tree is very poignant.

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    1. Much more than “just a landscape plant” – I sometimes talked to it while taking pics – could depend on its welcome anytime I stepped into the front yard. Thank you for your feedback.


  2. How sad. I hope mine doesn’t do that. It may be better to discover it completely dead than it would have been to watch it dying. Are you going to replace it?

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    1. We aren’t planting anything else there immediately – and never another redbud as one of the possible causes is a ground fungus. There is perfectly healthy Turk’s Cap in the same spot, so it’s not impossible we’d put in some other kind of tree someday.
      Maybe the redbud was in tune with Faron Young – Grow Fast, Bloom Big, and Die Young? It has indeed left a beautiful memory.


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