Survivor’s Love Song

October 14, 2016.  I’ve been immersed in another poetry class with Lorraine Mejia @ – this one working with Latin American Poets.  Wonderful exposures to poems I otherwise might not encounter, plus stimulus to write poems I otherwise might not.  The poem below is indirectly in response to reading Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Song Of The Barren Orange Tree” – and in gratitude for the live oak tree in my front yard.   I offer this in explanation:

Presumptuous, yes

Nevertheless descriptive

of years together




6 thoughts on “Survivor’s Love Song

  1. Yes … and not just existing, but LIVING life – stretching as high as we can in bodies/hearts that day by day surprise us with what they CAN still do!! (You are a great model.)


  2. Jane, thank you. I’ve been “in relationship with” this tree for years and have written about it before. Letting the tree “speak” felt a little odd, but good.


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