October 30, 2016.  Over the past week, through all sorts of stress and disruption, I have been watching a morning glory vine protruding from a water bottle – sitting on my front porch to catch sunlight, I see it going in and out.  That vine has kept me sane!

I guess the plant had to adapt, learn how to bloom in a bottle, as the first 3 buds to mature did not quite make it before dropping off.  Then the fourth (pictured) and a fifth succeeded with flourish.   Hoorah!




4 thoughts on “More

  1. Jazz, I have been wanting to thank you for nearly a week, and wasn’t sure how to do it, then found your lovely blog. Thank you for the review in Story Circle. I was so surprised and delighted that you were going to be my reviewer! What luck! And the review itself is so thoughtful and affirming, thank you! I am happy to find your blog now … these images are lovely, oh, the opening of the flowers! And the poems so full of hope. Hugs to you, and a whole big bouquet of gratitude!


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