Let The Dream Maker Lead

January 7, 2017.  My 2017 has begun with a flourish of intriguing dreams, stirring me to create a collage of dreamscapes that have made repeat appearances in recent years – trails, steps, bridges, houses, fences, water, mountains.  I’ve yet to figure out how to take a photo while in a dream … so these actual photos stand in as symbols for the illusive dreamscapes.

(Perhaps another night,  another  collage of dream animals – cat, duck, and a new one this week: horse.)




4 thoughts on “Let The Dream Maker Lead

    1. Thank you, Audrey. I had glorious fun prowling through old trip photos finding suitable “scenes” and then more fun sizing and combining on the spiral … all an extension of SoulCollage(R) methods.


  1. Fascinating… my dreams are typically mundane and I rarely remember them. I can sometimes do lucid dreaming, but I never found it all that fun.

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    1. Pretty sure I recall only a slim fraction of all the dreams that run through my head – some wake me up, and I’ve learned to grab a pencil and capture what I can recall – scenes, feelings. They are puzzles that tease. And often flavor the way I respond to waking situations. Wish I could recall ALL of ’em!


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