January 22, 2017.  Each year (for seven years now) I concentrate in Nov/Dec on connections, intentions, directions for the coming calendar year.  I do this in a group led by Janet Conner ( tagged “The Lotus and the Lily”.  Janet’s book by that title shows one of my earlier mandalas.  A multi-step process, each year revealing more. The mandala changes year to year, evolving to reflect both my growth and changing surrounding influences.   Initially termed intention mandalas, Janet now calls them invitation mandalas; I consider mine a contract with Spirit.

True to my SoulCollage(R) training, I rely primarily on imagery.  I won’t try to explain all the symbols here!  Just a little about the structure:

Background, a foot bridge into foggy unfamiliar territory: this is specific to 2017 US upheaval (beyond my control) – I will Step Forward across that bridge into the fog.

At center, a spiral “antenna” for receiving

Moving outward, my four commitments:  observe, create, trust, accept

Moving outward, my four challenges:  the Toltec Four Agreements

Moving outward, areas I rely on Spirit to help me sustain: harmony, resilience, open-heart hearing, sufficient resources … PLUS … acknowledgement that I need Spirit’s help in ways I cannot fathom: represented by golden footsteps




4 thoughts on “Summons

  1. Jazz,

    What an awesome post! I love the language and the visuals. After yesterday’s memorial service for a brilliant friend who died from Lewey Body Dementia, I was feeling both sad and alarmed, sad at her loss and alarmed at having watched a dynamic and intelligent woman only 2 years older than Dean, fall into oblivion. Her passing was truly a blessing as there is no way she would have wanted to live like her last 6 months, just a shell that no longer contained who she really was. I am also sad that we watched her loving husband struggle to take care of her when it became impossible for him to do so. That’s scary stuff. Yesterday was a celebration of her life. She was a warrior for nature. You would have loved her as so many from around the state came to tell of her many acheivements.

    Yesterday was also a day of triumph as women marched. I really wished I could have participated.

    So yesterday was a strange and momentous day in many ways and yesterday has slipped like a shadow into this morning. Your post shined a beam of light that sent the shadow scurrying away. I truly appreciate that. We are all on that bridge walking into the fog. None want to get lost. All want to have clarity of vision, though it’s not always possible. Committing to your commitments to “observe, create, trust, and accept” is a brighter pathway. It’s good to have fellow travelers along the way to inspire and encourage us. Keep shining your flashlight of hope. Thank you!

    Susi Mitchell

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