Layered Grief

March 28, 2017.  I’m wrestling with the loss of our tabby a couple weeks back – just when I think I’ve gotten over it, I find myself in tears again.  Yesterday I watched the calico sitting in dappled shadows – I drifted deep into meditating on her focus in the moment, pondering her intuitive feline ways of adapting to this loss of companion.   I found more questions than answers, but also acceptance that I don’t get to choose when grief resolves.




5 thoughts on “Layered Grief

  1. Jazz, I’m sorry for your loss, but love how you have used the metaphor of the interplay light and shadow to express its effects… because neither light nor shadow exist without the other, do they? Just as grief does not exist without love, in a sense great grief is the price we pay, the chance we take for loving intensely, the inevitable balance of tao. But grief brings it’s own rewards, does it not, in the memory of the wonderful love that we have experienced…

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    1. Dean, thank you. Indeed the having known is worth the grief. Grief also serves to slow one down, allowing notice of metaphors underfoot, allowing the known to meld into the after – an odd sort of permanence.


  2. Thanks for sharing. I could really relate to your post. I lost my amazing Father just over a year ago and we lost our very special cat Lenny this February. Have had a lot of loss to deal with over the last few years. The poem really resonated with me.
    I have a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Have a good Thursday, Sam 🙂


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