Here To There

May 11, 2017.  Reflecting on a day at Red Corral Ranch in the Texas hill country – I go every other month with a spiritual awareness group.  Last week, right after group reflection on a Stanley Kunitz poem – we went out into the May sunshine to spend some quiet solo time reflecting and observing.  Red Corral is home to a number of peacocks, noisy birds, calling back and forth to one another.  Their squeals are intense, sounding like “HELP” – mixing in with Kunitz words, the birds helped this poem emerge.  They reminded me who I am – poet.




6 thoughts on “Here To There

  1. Jazz, I am so familiar with the sense of urgency and anxiety that you describe… finding relief from that is a daily goal for me, that often requires conscious effort. When I was 8 or 9 we lived in Dickinson, Texas, near a small bayou and I’ll never forget the 1st evening I was out playing and heard a peacock’s call, and ran to fetch my parents, fearing someone was drowning. Now of course, knowing the source (such beautiful birds) they bring a feeling of pleasure… context makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Thank you…

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    1. Indeed, Dean – context shapes everything. The peacocks may have been calling “HELP – she needs HELP” rather than pleading with one another. Whether intended it or not, they were HELPing me.


  2. Enjoyed the imagery of your words. My thoughts were of the ugly screeching noise and the beauty of the peacocks’ plumage. Rather conflicting.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your art.


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