Tree Wise

May 21, 2017.  In the Texas hill country,  massive live oaks spread their huge limbs at unusual angles.  Over time the weight of continued growth lowers them toward the ground.  Like gigantic vines, they swoop in strong winds. Hundreds of years old, survivors of many a storm.  But not invincible.  At Red Corral, a deck constructed less than 20 years ago rises alongside one of these live oaks.  Initially, there was no contact between tree and fence along deck’s edge.  But the tree kept growing, lowering.  Now fence cuts into bark, a gash that gives pause.  While wind blustered, I stood for a while listening to the tree moan, the fence creak – each stuck in their odd relationship.  (Ahhh… some “fences” in my space are beginning to feel like supports.)





6 thoughts on “Tree Wise

    1. Returning to a place periodically over a number of years … slow but steady changing becomes visible. And under the right conditions cries out for recognition.


  1. Love this, Jazz. I grew up on IL so no Live Oaks there. It is such a beautiful, playful, expressive but mysterious tree. One can never think of enough words to put on paper, or machine, to sum up what this tree means…thank goodness. Thank you! 🙂

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    1. As a kid visiting my out-in-the-country grandmother, we cousins would swing on humongous grapevines that were like extensions of one mighty live oak (dubbed “the big tree” by our parents when they were kids) – its limbs touching ground along with the grapevines – the whole conglomeration swaying with kids. I’ve loved these trees ever since!


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