Winter Spotlight

February 16, 2018.   My affinity for digital collage is two-fold — for the freedom to make a moon as dominant in the image as in my mind’s eye, and for the meditative process of detailing, removing distractions to emphasize desired geometry — directed by whim.

A nod to recent posts from Michael Fiveson ( and Stephanie Harper ( – your words stirred mine.




8 thoughts on “Winter Spotlight

  1. Beautiful! I love your site’s image and this is similar – there is something about trees – maybe it is the way they change with the seasons, reminding us that change is coming. I love that they are “naked without shame” and then “will bring curtains”. You are a wizard of words, Jazz.

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    1. Thank you, VJ – I am intrigued by trees. Might come from growing up in the desert where there were none! Well, no big ones. Daddy planted fruit trees in the backyard – loved those like part of the family.

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