Spring Bed

February 26, 2018.  A good friend has been holding the ashes of her cat Sally for a long, long time – unsure any of her places were long-term. That’s become clearer and clearer, and she asked if I had a place in our yard for Sally. Yes. And a place in my heart. A kinetic sculpture gifted by my friend at the time of her latest move marks the spot.  Although Sally never saw the sculpture, I sense her energy and that of my friend coming together.  It’s Spring, season for new flower beds. And a bed for Sally. The collage pulls the overall scene into a single frame. This post honors my friend, and Sally.




10 thoughts on “Spring Bed

      1. You are blessed by your willingness to embrace it all, Jazz. As an aside, I do not get notification of your posts via email, which is why I am sometimes slow to get to them – my apologies – you remain one of my favourites.

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  1. Tip to all … if you are following but not getting email notices, you can fix that by going to WP and your READER & clicking MANAGE … for each you can choose to be notified immediately, daily, or weekly … or not notified at all. I stumbled onto this after wondering why some of the blogs I followed never posted … well, they WERE posting! But I was relying on email, and that is not automatically turned on for some. I’m not sure what determines automatic settings – whether something in the blog’s profile or in the reader’s ???


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