Snag Presence

March 10, 2018.  I spent February studying Zen poetry – reading many of the classics and writing to suggested prompts.  Lorraine “Bird” Mejia is a skilled online teacher and manages to pull things from me I did not expect.  True with the Zen writing, for sure.  But one of the exercises took me a bit off-prompt, smack dab back to the New Mexico mountain where we camp every August – specifically, back to the “snag” (a tree dead but standing, top broken off) where I sit in solitude.  I posted about that snag in 2015, and here I repeat that earlier poem followed by my “Zenish” perception.   One snag, two takes.

Who knows? There could be more snag poems to emerge …





12 thoughts on “Snag Presence

  1. I didn’t know the term “snag” but find myself photographing them – their presence a startling message. I really like how these poems progressed – the more recent shocked me (for lack of a better word this morning) for it abruptness – so effective! Such efficiency of words offering maximum impact. Wonderful.

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  2. VJ, thanks – I like both poems, and all sorts of poetic modes others write in. It’s an engaging challenge to express something in just a few words … at least, for a talkative Texan, it is.


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