March 25, 2018.  This is messy time of year in Central Texas – live oaks drop all their leaves and then immediately begin “blooming” and dusting everything with their yellow pollen.   Might as well wait for it to finish before trying to clean up.

Today I found this green anole on the hood of our black truck – perhaps drawn to the hue of the pollen? Perhaps struck by the reflection surrounding him?  The perfect icon for Central Texas Spring, and decidedly in an extended pause.  Perhaps contemplating source?




9 thoughts on “Pause

  1. I had to move to Missouri to find out I’m allergic to oak pollen. The first spring in my new home, the deck was covered in yellow (although not so bad every year). Give me maples!

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    1. There’s just too MUCH oak pollen. We just had a huge rain (6 inches!) and now the ground is covered in oak blooms … up close and personal, actually intricate little things – fascinating.

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