March 31, 2018.  March blows Spring into Central Texas – bringing wildflowers and fresh leaves.  And in the garden, poppies!  We planted seeds once and now we collect seeds to give away – our poppies keep popping back year to year.  They are a mix of red and pink, big and small, and they are prolific.  But each bloom is brief.  And each worthy a portrait, my excuse to frequently indulge my photography urges.

I lucked onto one “about to pop” and caught the sequence.  Apart from borders and the  stand-in downward bud, all images are of the same poppy.  All but the full bloom, in the span of about 5 minutes.  The fully opened bloom is an hour or so later.

A delight to watch the unfolding!




16 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. Amazing poetry and words. Love how your poem builds, and then ends in haiku. Well done! We had poppies in our last home – they are so beautiful, and really live up to their name – pop!

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    1. VJ, thank you – ours were initially planted, but their behavior is so like the local wildflowers – they appear in the oddest crevices and corners – take over the yard for a couple of weeks! Gary is Mr. Poppyseed, collecting the seeds and scattering them in places he deems suitable – hoping someday our neighborhood will have poppies at every corner.

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