May 18, 2018.  Transitions happen, ready or not. I wasn’t. This is day eleven of our new indoor-only cat living the outdoor-only lifestyle. I’ll spare details, but she violated Gary’s tolerance one too many times. This has been harder on me than on the cat, but I am observing her absolute glee with the outdoors and coming around to interpreting her plaintive meows as less complaint than plea for me to join her out there!

All changes again when we begin summer travels.  Both cats will be indoors for the duration.  Both will be very ready to explore the yard when we return. And perhaps at that point, the older cat and younger cat will share in-and-out privileges equally. I have fingers crossed. But I am open to the possibility that this little catalyst may have yet more to teach me.

This image I created for the 2010 Gathering of Circles –





11 thoughts on “Transitions

    1. Thank you! Knowing the cat is in her natural environment eases my stress a tad … though hazards abound out there, her instincts seem sharp. This cat (unlike many) does not like to be alone … she wants to be with me … I may shift to the laptop and work on the back porch … this situation could prove a gift! (Your parents did you a huge favor, huh?)

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  1. This really resonates at the moment – the analysis, the worry “blacking out all else”. Upheaval is necessary, I believe, to shake us from complacency – the approach so important to the learning. I think your cat is teaching you much about adapting.

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    1. VJ, thanks. This poem began very cat-centric (that verse now stashed in my journal) but in expressing immediate angst I had to acknowledge it as expression of a pattern. So set the poem aside … then while working in the yard (great way to join the cat) I looked at the emblem on the t-shirt I was wearing … aha … yes, transition.

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