Competing Thoughts

May 29, 2018.  The school year wraps up this week, setting my teacher partner free to travel.  He has been prepping our Airstream, and I have been busily tweaking reservations along the path we’re targeting this summer.  Some returns, some new locations.  All of it flexible should we change our minds!  Our minds are crammed full … no question we are overlooking something (to be further tweaked down the line).

In our yard, every day something new blooms … bringing regrets that we must miss this to venture toward the other.  This collage blends purple coneflowers with datura, both prolific bloomers frequented by bees.




7 thoughts on “Competing Thoughts

    1. Thanks, VJ. Uprooting is always difficult, but to date always well worth the struggle. Current departure target is Friday – we have some unexpected repairs to the Airstream (Gary can fix, thank heavens) and the physical packing of clothes, groceries, etc. What will we forget this time? Always something pops into mind too far down the road to loop back.

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  1. I love the “mind… layered with blooming visions.” I also find it hard to leave home during Toronto’s brief summers. We are 2 blocks away from the lake with its daily changes and during the weekdays, especially June and September, the beach feels like it belongs to us.


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