Pretty Invasive

June 6, 2018.  A landscape chore neglected several years taught me a few things.  Our suburban backyard is “yard” surrounded by a U-shaped “dog run”.  Chain link fencing (once part of a cat fence-in of “yard”) proves an inviting trellis.  Over the years we’ve planted deliberately while battling such as wild grape, cat brier, and a good many unknowns.  Uncensored, Moonseed vine and Virginia creeper took over the section of chain link beside the back porch.  Beyond, in what’s now the Labrador’s run between chain-link and wooden privacy fences, Mexican petunia (Ruellia) flourishes.  I love those blooms – enough to tackle downing a mass of vines.

But I was in for a rude awakening:  I was ripping down beauty in its own right, albeit not showy like Ruellia.





12 thoughts on “Pretty Invasive

  1. We had some crazy vines with purple flowers that started out innocent-seeming enough, but when we neglected them for about two years, they actually wormed their way under the siding of our house, which we discovered when they started sending shoots through the window and into the family room.

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    1. VJ, thank you – I find plant formation absolutely fascinating. Those aerial roots especially amazing.
      Yes, we are officially traveling: in Arkansas now, with trailer issues to figure out (always something!) but excited about the next 2 months rolling.

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  2. I know what you mean, Jazz. We have a spiritual dilemma over pulling up (or mowing down) all the little maple trees that sprout in our yard. I love maple trees but we have dozens and dozens that sprout each week. I do hate the violence of pulling them up. I always leave the Queen Anne’s lace – I know it’s considered a weed but it is lovely. And I have kept the columbine, too, although it did not do too well this year.

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