Moment’s Notice

August 9, 2018.  We have come home from our two months of rolling east then west and back to central Texas.  Good to be home in spite of the heat, in spite of the backlog of mail and chores!   The collage reflects one of many moments that triggered poetic response – foggy morning in North Carolina, headed toward Max Patch on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  No chance to capture with camera what my eyes zeroed in on – so I scribbled haikus to hold the memory.  Later, walking up to Max Patch, on trail’s edge was one more solitary golden leaf – hurrah!





9 thoughts on “Moment’s Notice

  1. Lisa, thank you. Those two golden leaves were gifts of synchronicity – in the same general area, but several miles apart – each striking in its singularity! Maybe the fog helped by blocking distractions?

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  2. Lovely! Your idea of jotting down haiku to hold onto momentous memories is fantastic. I’m going to try it! 😁

    BTW, did you receive your copy of the book okay? It was finally released on July 6.

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  3. Yes! Your book was in the humongous pile of mail waiting for us – it’s beautiful!
    I gave up long ago being able to keep multi-syllable poems in memory … but a haiku? It will stick there and maybe even improve a bit for quite a while. Maybe because it’s a little puzzle that keeps my brain engaged?

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