Bee Party

August 24, 2018.  My son’s 44th birthday, but partying with him since he’s working in Minnesota.  Nevertheless, the bees had a party out front at dawn and I joined in the merriment.  Recent rain has produced another flourish of Datura blooms, and the bees all came, all crazy, all oblivious to my gawking.






14 thoughts on “Bee Party

    1. Thank you. Datura is a desert plant, but does well in Central Texas. It’s infamous for hallucinogenic properties with humans if ingested, so deemed “poisonous”. Creates a LOT of pollen, and the bees return day after day for more – no ill effects. We’ve never had an animal mess with it. Blooms open at night and fold up, finished, after a few hours of light next day. The blooms come in prolific bursts after rain. Only hallucinogenic effect for me is watching the bees up close – THAT indeed a mystic experience!

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    1. Thank you – I love mingling with the bees. Never been stung, perhaps because I’m at ease with them naturally; perhaps because they’re so busy! We do all we can with our bit of property – we plant for the bees and butterflies (no lawn). We proudly display our “Certified Wildlife Habitat” sign.


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