September Rain Lilies

September 9, 2018.  Rain, blessed relief of 100-degree days, washing away a multitude of apprehensions – some environmental, others attitudinal. A small field in the middle of Austin (near Seton Cove Spirituality Center) erupts in masses of rain lilies after successive days of rain. Again yesterday, I hit the brakes to hop out for photos. This collage combines a clump from September 2013 with a close-up from September 2018.

The sight of these prompts a big grin and a boost of spirits.   Here’s sharing …






12 thoughts on “September Rain Lilies

    1. Yes, rain lilies are amazing – in their natural cycle keyed to both rain and (I believe) atmospheric pressure – AND in the response they trigger within human beholders.


    1. There are various kinds – generic name is rain lily because that’s when they emerge from the ground and bloom, make and drop seeds, vanish … These pink/white ones crop up in yards, but just a scattering – to see them amassed over a large area makes me downright giddy.

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