Peak Curiosity

October 14, 2018.  Out in the yard, pruning back an overgrown Jerusalem Sage, I noticed a small hole at the edge of a stump previously obscured by dense sage – thought nothing of it – UNTIL I noticed my year-old cat Brie trotting away, head held high, looking for all the world like a mother cat carrying a tiny kitten!  I went for the camera, and found cat nose-to-nose with rat, each waiting for the other to make a move.  Not wanting to watch what seemed inevitable, I went back to whacking on the sage.  But I was quickly interrupted by Brie at my heels meowing loudly.  I followed her back to where the rat should be (her perspective) but no longer was.


Guessing she blinked first.  Her first rat, but maybe not the rat’s first cat?


Look closely, follow Brie’s nose … and you’ll see a tiny rat staring back at her.





11 thoughts on “Peak Curiosity

  1. She no doubt thought it was rude of the rat not to wait for her to come back and show it to you. How do you get her to stand still while you take a picture?

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  2. I’d already admired the rat, but maybe Brie didn’t notice. Both cat and rat were 100% focused on each other … I got very close and took pics … totally ignored by both. (I have a closeup of the rat, with only Brie’s paw showing.) Brie must’ve blinked or looked away. Maybe she thought I could get the rat back for her? She was clearly distraught, and I could do nothing to ease that. I don’t really want rats in the yard, but I was somewhat glad this one outwitted Brie.


    1. One instinct perhaps dominating another? She’s the understudy of a Labrador, more dog-like than cat-like in some respects – perhaps she had thoughts of making the rat her understudy? Her “model” is the larger furry one befriends the smaller furry one …

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  3. What a great capture on your part. I’ve seen a cat play with a mouse – and it appears to be just that, although we know the outcome is more sinister. Love that you left them too it, then inferred the cat’s response.

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    1. Thank you, VJ. Time will tell about her instincts – Brie’s a rescue, matured to 4 months caged, so not much teaching from other cats. But she sure knows how to go after lizards … so most likely she blinked and the rat was ready, set, GONE.

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