Garden Contrast

October 31, 2018.  Never mind the date and the hue – this is not a Halloween post.

It’s a response to what’s been stirring in my backyard for the past few days, and today’s nudge from Sam Allen at – she suggests a poetic look at one scene through two lenses.  That’s what I’ve been doing in the yard – admiring the butterflies, admiring the cat, conflicted over the proximity of such  different energies.  I am awed (and relieved) at how adeptly butterflies react to presence of cat …

I was unsuccessful trying to photograph Brie leaping for a butterfly, hence the collage.  These butterflies were among this afternoon’s many visitors.  They are indulging in the blue mist that stands three-to-four feet above ground (and cat).





10 thoughts on “Garden Contrast

  1. Nice! (both poem and photo)

    Probably better for her to leap at butterflies, who can usually get away, than at lizards or grass snakes, which some of my cats have been good at catching, unfortunately. But this week somebody caught a small rat. I found the partly eaten remains and for once was not at all displeased by the evidence of hunting success.

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    1. Thank you! I think the butterfly advantage is partly an unpredictable direction of departure – cats are good at pouncing, anticipating a lizard moving forward … that doesn’t work with butterflies! I think of rats as night squirrels and don’t bother them so long as they stay out of my house. I suppose in time Brie will deliver proof of her pounce – I’ll try to be proud of her, but I’d prefer a peaceable kingdom.


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