Moon’s Fullness

December 22, 2018.  Winter Solstice caught my attention this year.  Long dark nights suit me just fine – not so for all of us.  Hence a number of reflections in groups I mingle with.  Yesterday @ 4:21 pm Solstice arrived, between two memorable experiences with our Tundra.  First, getting stuck in the mud out at my daughter’s tiny house;  then, the battery just quit flat at the car wash.

Standing around outside the Battery store, the moon (almost full) beamed … in a trickster joking kind of way … telling me it’s daylight hours that bring problems … night hours would bring relief!

Home finally, new battery dismissing angst, I took camera and tripod outside to see what I might capture.  Luck was with me:  Several clear shots and a big smile noticing how this incredibly bright moon was totally undoing “long dark night” …  trickster indeed!

This morning I woke early and found the moon peeking at me through trees and clouds.  Not 100% full until 11:50 today … but plenty full of light and mischief.






12 thoughts on “Moon’s Fullness

  1. Love the images and the poem. We had total cloud cover for the solstice and last night, too, when the moon was completely full. So glad you got to enjoy it and the night brought you relief.

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    1. Luanne, thank you – that moon would’ve brightened any grumpy mood – and blessing me with a good image in spite of my clumsiness gave an extra boost. A full cloud cover would deliver more of the traditional “long dark night”, emphasis on the dark.

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    1. Ahh, yes – temperature might be a contributing factor in response to less sunlight. Thanks for your response – a new perspective.
      I don’t seem tuned to circadian rhythms like most … left alone, I go till I drop, sleep till I pop awake. I was first aware of “shorter days” when living in South Florida and driving 45 mins each way to work and back. I’d get bluesy driving home in the dark. Maybe more grumpy than bluesy? Retired, I no longer “practice” the timed cycles of to and from work – freedom! Yahoo! I’m often awake at night, asleep during daylight.

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    1. Thank you, Merril. Christmas here rolled in under a blanket of fog … all sthings celestial to be appreciated unseen for a while … storms coming tomorrow … I’ll see the moon again eventually!

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