February 19, 2019.  Right about now as I’m posting this, the Super Moon is extremely close to full.  It’s daylight and raining, so no right-now photos!  Last night She was close enough to full to have a pull on my senses, and to fill my camera.  There was a high thin cloud cover moving in, producing a haze which seemed to enhance the overall glow.  Intoxicating to stand in the chill, neck twisted at various angles, seeking the best shot through bare tree limbs.   The image here is a collage of the best moon uncluttered and the best branches-over-moon.

There have been a number of love poems floating around lately, Valentines of one sort or another.  I think this is one of those anothers.




22 thoughts on “Allure

    1. Lisa, thank you! This one was a fun write … trying to get it all into one haiku, juggling the words while craning my neck to look at the moon … ended up with a triple haiku!


  1. I really like “enticing pearl” and “enticing tides and hearts.”
    We’ve been cloudy at least since yesterday and snow is expected this evening, with no potential cloud breaks showing before tomorrow evening. 😦

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    1. Last night was my only shot – tonight there may be a bright spot above, but nothing photograph worthy even if I wanted to get my camera rained on. My affection for full moons began sometime in childhood when I discovered I could sneak out into the backyard in my pajama after Mother and Daddy went to bed … I could see to walk around, and I felt unseen assuming no one ELSE would be out in the moonlight! (I’ll never know …)

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  2. I agree with rivrvlogr, the phrase “enticing pearl” is absolutely perfect. I, too, am drawn to the moon and her phases. I couldn’t see her last night because of cloud cover, but the night before she was stunning. And I made a point of getting up early the next morning to see the moonset. Not nearly as impressive as moonrise but mesmerizing all the same. I love you poem and you collaged graphic. I still have to learn how to do that. I am working on a piece about this super moon right now. Hope to post tomorrow, although I have not yet looked at my photos of the events.

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    1. Luanne, thank you. I look forward to your moon post! I have never observed a moon set – likely I’ve been out when it occurred, but otherwise focused. Adding that to my opportunities list!

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    1. Glad I can share the moon! Texas weather is so unpredictable, I seize the opportunities that arrive. I’ve only been in Oregon during spring and summer months – absolutely loved it all 3 times. Will be headed that way again in a couple years after Gary retires and we can travel unencumbered by school calendar dictates.

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  3. Loved the line “tugging tides and hearts with ease” and the beautiful photo collage. There is something so enticing about the full moon. And the other night I woke up thinking about the lines of “Silver”, a moon poem by Walter de la Mare that I must have been taught to memorize.
    There was also an amazing photo on BBC Instagram of this Super Moon.

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    1. Sarah, thank you. I’ve been enjoying images of this Super Moon aka Snow Moon from many sources. Truth is, I’ve never seen a full moon that did not rate as super. I love the moon in all phases, at its varying distances.
      And I love the poem “Silver” by Walter de la Mare – new to me (overdue!)

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  4. Lovely post, I am also a fan 🙂 Please check out my blog too if you get a chance, great minds think alike 😉 xx


  5. Ali, thank you! I was definitely enchanted while out photographing this moon … when I came back inside, I realized I had a crick in my neck – well worth the hour or so drawn upward toward the light.


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