Pause For Peace

March 13, 2019.  Another rainy morning, not quite so cold as the December morning I wrote this poem.  But the same mood prevails upon me, upon the Labrador.  We both seem inclined to sit peacefully and just observe.

Thank you, Ken Gierke, for pointing me to GIMP for photo manipulation.  I like its “waterpixels” effect, appropriate for the scene, the mood.






11 thoughts on “Pause For Peace

  1. Just watching rain can be almost meditative. I was watching the “bird-less” bird feeder sway in the rain and thinking I should bring it inside, since we’ll be having 40-60 mph winds the next two days. Then I actually focused and realized it was swinging about because a squirrel was on it. I went out into the rain to bring it in.
    I love that effect. I’ll have to explore GIMP a little more. I tend to go in cycles, getting stuck for awhile. I’ll check that one out.

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  2. Rain (w/o thunder, please) has always felt good whether I’m inside watching, or outside getting wet. Perhaps from growing up in West Texas where it rained maybe twice a year? But living in South Florida for 17 years where it rained almost daily, I never lost the association with “free to just be”.
    Re GIMP – I’d failed multiple times to capture the view-through-leaves – images coming out too dark to work with; today’s fresh shot used flash, which made it too bright … but then GIMP helped tremendously. There is clearly much to learn about using GIMP – another day, another play.


  3. You describe such a wonderful morning. I loved that auditory ‘image’ of the wet dog returning “disruptive as any gong” ending your meditative state. I also like how you processed your photo. I just got Paint Shop Pro and I am having a blast playing with the filters.

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  4. Luanne, thank you – good to hear the “gong” came through loud and clear.
    Re photo tuning – there are many tools available. I’ve tried Funky and now GIMP as additions to my PhotoShop Elements. The disadvantage of GIMP is that I couldn’t find an easy way to take the image back into my preferred file format. I may have just missed something … my patience for reading how-tos wanes rapidly, I admit. I will put Paint Shop Pro on my maybe list.


  5. Your poem is just what I needed to tame my melancholy – “A Pause for Peace”. I like how you’ve structured it – made me go back and read a few times – and a reminder that time moves on, moments change. Lovely, Jazz.

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