Flaming Peace

April 14, 2019.  Recently I had the opportunity to sit in silence by a campfire, letting the dancing flames erase just about every thought … then present a face smiling at me from a burning log.  Not a laughing grin … a serene smile.  Apart from the added circle, this image is what my phone captured.  The next morning I stared again at the face, recalling how it had indeed smiled all the way to sudden collapse.  The haiku here is the result of multiple revisits to figure out just what message to take from that smile.

Maybe you will see a different message.





17 thoughts on “Flaming Peace

  1. So intriguing! I think about the wisdom of trees and now messages from campfire logs… And of course all the lovely memories of past campfires and those mesmerizing stares into the changing flames. Well captured in your haiku!

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    1. Carolyn, thank you – one of those photos taken on a whim in less-than-best light – most don’t come out, but I think this guy really wanted me to pay attention and somehow came through for me.

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  2. “letting the dancing flames erase just about every thought” is interesting, since this experience was the culmination of a day of thoughts. “knows peace comes slowly” sums it up well.

    within shadowed flames
    brilliance found in fading light
    the warmth of a smile

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    1. Ahhh, Ken, I like your extension! Brilliance of light (visible brilliance) and brilliance of clarity (mental brilliance) – right in front of me, dancing as flames to get my attention … And that smile had two kinds of warmth, as well. Thank you for amplifying this.


  3. Ali, thank you. I’ve no idea how long the face stared at me before my focus connected and I saw it so clearly. A shiver ran through me, as though I knew this face.


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