Moon Amused

April 30, 2019. How to convey a magical experience? I was so into it while it lasted that “make a video” never occurred to me. The image here (collage of a prior moon photo with clip-art) hopefully conveys the impression of moving along at eye-level with the Good Friday full moon – view constantly bouncing due to varying swag of heavy black power lines. What a start to a weekend camping trip with a loooong drive down to Seminole Canyon State Park (West of Del Rio Tx). Who knew Austin’s I-35 offered a moon-viewing deck?

15 thoughts on “Moon Amused

  1. Wonderful photo, Jazz – almost like a musical score with those power lines and moon reps! And I have to say the moon is also “my ever-influential muse”.

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    1. Lisa, thank you. I knew we were leaving home right as the moon was at peak full-view, but I never imagined it would ride at eye-level with me. Amazing contrast to my usual I-35 experience!


  2. I adore your voice of gratitude and wonder in your love letter to the πŸŒ•! The “you” is at once intimate and universal! I remember as a young child being in the back seat of a car on long night drives, and looking up and believing that the moon was purposely following me… Thank you for rousing that ancient memory! ❀️

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