Ephemeral Romance

May 6, 2019. Rains have summoned the spade-foot toads, up from their burrows into misty night air … calling (could this be deemed crooning?) with a knowing confidence and persevering vigor. They like the pond just off the back porch (very near the bedroom window). Mating lasts throughout the night. Unable to sleep, I go out to enjoy the party.


14 thoughts on “Ephemeral Romance

  1. Thank you … I’m chuckling at various prophecies you might have in mind … losing more sleep next round popping into my fore-thoughts. Then the toad’s role in overall planet balance (guessing Mother Nature smiles more on toads than humans.)

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  2. Toads probably are more likable. Humans have their place, though. They are the ones who write the poems! (Also I really like the photo.)

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