New Flute Bag

May 27, 2019.  We are gearing up for another summer of travels … to places we’ve never been before, to places we’ve been yearning to get back to … in both cases, places that might present the next Native American wooden flute (or two) for Gary’s collection.  He is selective!  He trusts my skills and selectivity to yield the right custom bag for each flute.

Bags pictured were made last September, for flutes acquired last summer.




11 thoughts on “New Flute Bag

  1. Hi Jazz! I so enjoy your blog posts. THANK YOU!! I look forward to seeing and reading about your summer travels and what beautiful music you and your husband stumble upon. Your bags enclose songs of life that lead to harmony and hope. Enjoy your travels and look forward to your enlightening narratives via the poetic form.

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  2. Oh, Jazz, these are lovely. What a wonderful team you two make. It brought to mind how a wand chose the sorcerer. Do you choose the fabric to match the flute or is it more the flute chooses the fabric? This sounds like a labor of love that is sort of like poetry in the fabric. I look forward to seeing this summer’s flute bags.

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    1. LuAnne, thanks … fabric selection is intuitive … to match the flute and also memories associated with its “finding Gary”. Years back we were in Patagonia Arizona – small town – visiting a major flute-maker – AND an incredible quilting shop with a jillion Native American print fabrics. I bought LOTS! And fabrics at times call out to me “FLUTE BAG!” even when no bag is immediately needed … so I am waaay over-stocked, one might say. A bit of over-indulgence maybe?

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      1. This is an over-indulgence shared by many who sew. My mom used to make most of the clothes my sister and I wore. (Then I started to take over around 10 myself – it’s a great skill she taught me!) We would go to the fabric store and like you say there is something almost sensuous about touching all those reams of fabric. Patagonia sounds like a wonderful place that is almost custom made for you two. Happy travels.

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  3. This took me back to my sewing years – each step its own pleasure, from choosing the fabric to the mathematics, to the ‘meditative’ act of sewing itself. Sewing is a particular act of love is the realization I gain from your poem.

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  4. Thank you, VJ – sewing produces more than just a finished bag/garment/decoration! I started sewing doll clothes when very young … lucky to have a mother tolerant of “risks” (that needle!). Then in 7th grade I began making my own clothes … lucky again to have a mother tolerant of her daughter going to school in less-than-perfect garments! In high school, I took HomeEc and learned about basting … so tedious at first, but even stubborn me can learn a new trick after-the-fact.


    1. Bravo for your daughter – flute players are special souls!
      I enjoy making the bags (and Gary seems so pleased with them!) that we have made this our norm. Some flutes come with a bag that is gently put aside as soon as the “home-made” is ready.

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