June 5, 2019.  Greetings from South Llano River State Park (TX) – first pause on our summer travels.

Getting away takes major effort (well worth it!) – this poem reflects on that, as well as the beauty of Texas hill country.  This year the yucca are spectacular.  This collage shows the scene – a bit blurred as pausing to take photos is impractical when towing an Airstream!  The closeup is of a yucca blooming on the trail to one of the bird blinds here at the state park.




12 thoughts on “Departure

  1. Am a bit envious of you and hubby! I have picnicked and bird watching in that park on way to points further west. I like the way you combined the road yucca photos with the close up photo of the yucca bloom. Look forward to seeing your trip posts.

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    1. Thanks, Ken. The adventures planned are materializing nicely … in spite of some unexpected trauma related to Apple iPhone lifespans … I knew a new model was on the horizon and oh, how I wish I’d gone ahead and DONE that before leaving home. But I’ll dub the Odessa TX AT&T experience “adventure” and my various ups and downs with resetting passwords as little mini adventures…

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      1. Lucky cats. We have a cat sitter who is great with our cats. I call him a cat whisperer. 🙂 His wife and son have allergies to cats so he gets his ‘cat fix’ by being a sitter after his day job.

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  2. Oh how our roles have switched – now I eagerly await your posts. The preparations are mighty but the going is well worth it. I’m picturing exactly where you are in this post. Look forward to further travels.

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    1. Ahhh … where I am now is inside Silvie (Airstream) FINALLY connected via internet after a looooong separation …. but in the beautiful forest on mountain above Cloudcroft NM. One night it rained and went down to 43 degrees … there we were boondocking w/o enough battery to run the heater …. snuggle under the covers time! We arrived here in Albuquerque area a couple of hours ago …. for 5 nights. Then we’ll be headed for Colorado.

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