Uncovering Path

July 25, 2019.  We have returned from our summer roaming to a yard overgrown with green leafy things we did not plant, do not want – some strange new vine draping over shrubs and walkways as thick as a rug.  There is considerable down-at-ground-level work to be done!  Luckily, the same Ma Nature responsible for all this growth has granted us a week of temperatures unusually cool for Central Texas.  So no complaints, just lots of time in the sun tugging and digging.

The walkway pictured was not visible when we got home.

The red dragonfly (who comes annually) has been a boost to attitude, thus to progress.




4 thoughts on “Uncovering Path

  1. I love this! And appreciate it as a fellow lady yard-worker and nature-lover. AND I recently saw my first red dragonfly, which sure did grab my attention! We definitely are kindred spirits! ❤

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  2. Laura, thank you – a red dragonfly takes center stage wherever he chooses to hang out! We had our first visit 5 or so years back, and it’s become regular. I’m not sure if it’s the same dragonfly returning or if the offspring are somehow endowed with inner directions to “the source” (in this case, our pond). I’ve refrained from naming him …


  3. Welcome back! Love how you have married the mundane with the mystical. I feel the heat in your words, and also your determination to complete the task. The red dragonflies are a beautiful touch – keeping the focus.

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