In Eye Of Beholder

August 30, 2019.  Summer travels included a week in the National Forest near Lake City,  Colorado.  Beautiful country – in spite of recent destructive avalanches (record snowfalls continued into June) – and in spite of beetle demise of once-lush Spruce.  Spruce is “old news” there, avalanches and floods garnering all the attention.  For most.  My eyes kept going to the Spruce. No longer alive, yet holding form through assaults of weather, marmots, bears, moose.  Like a feather:  you can mess with it, but it goes back to original form.

Big grey “feathers” were everywhere, mostly in multiples that made capturing the form with camera difficult.  Might be time to work on my sketching skills!  One solo Spruce stood at road’s edge, and I managed to get there in sufficient light and zero traffic on  departure morning.  Took a while to isolate enlarged branch from background, but: a labor of love.


Post_2019-08-30_image_FeatherTreecollage Post_2019-08-30_Poem_EyeOfBeholder

14 thoughts on “In Eye Of Beholder

    1. Thank you, Ken – haiku grew into a poem repeatedly tweaked, waiting to get that photo, thinking words might have to stand on their own. Sure wish there were a way to download visions inside my head!!

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  1. Wow, this really moved me. I am a tree-looooooover, so the death is sad, but then you capture the beauty of its story in such lovely words and images. Its graying and fragility reminds me of the human circle of life, though the spruces died too soon from disease. (I admire your creative passion in isolating the branch!)

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    1. Laura, thank you – there are large areas where the dead trees have been logged, but there are too many areas with too many dead Spruce. Many thus still standing witness to their collective tragedy. As a tree lover, I I want to honor that witness.

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  2. You did a great job of isolating that branch for your digital collage. I appreciate this information. We were driving in Oregon this summer and saw similar destruction to spruce trees but we had no idea why. They are quite lovely even in their ghost shroud. What a marvelous topic for a poem.

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    1. VJ, thank you. Yes, I think a larger voice is speaking through the Spruce “feathers”… I try to accept those beetles as part of a larger scheme I don’t understand … I sure do wish beetles and Spruce could co-exist! We picked up a piece of downed Spruce at one of the avalanche sites – can see the channels chewed into the wood by those beetles – easy to see that would disrupt normal tree growth/survival (and yet, that, too, was artwork).

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