October 3, 2019.   Had a relaxed nap this afternoon in my zero-gravity recliner – recently moved into the living room to increase wiggle space in the den.  When I woke, I was staring at two images blurring together, becoming one big tug on my imagination – a waking dream.  I lay back awhile exploring possibilities, then got up and did the obvious next thing:  I wrote a poem.

The oil painting (perhaps by my grandmother) is of Texas bluebonnets along a country road, near Cuero, Texas.  The cat is one of many feline figures decorating various surfaces in my home.  Positioning cat within the frame was not entirely imagination – my angle looking upward (glasses nowhere near) contributed.  I’ve reconstructed what I “saw” as collage.

Tomorrow I plan a repeat nap, same space.  Who knows what I’ll see?





13 thoughts on “Beckoned

    1. Well, COOOOL, if that explains it … once into that scene I probably would’ve romped like the child I was back when I had access to those country roads for real. I like the idea of growing younger in my head! Thanks.

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    1. Yes … and afterward, occurs to me that cat might’ve been waiting a looooong time to get my attention! I must’ve positioned it up there … but when my eyes opened, I did not even recognize it! (Thank goodness my live felines meow and knead when I’m distracted … though I owe the “dream” cat honor for patience.)

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  1. I enjoyed your poem and the image that prompted it. I once did a short course on ekphrastic writing at the art gallery and wrote about an image of a path into a dark forest (a Tom Thomson painting). I love the possibilities that appear when the imagination is invited in.And the painting is so lovely and somehow soothing.

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    1. Thank you, Sarah – I acquired the painting in 1990, the year my mother and her older sister died – both living in Cuero with homes full of family treasures. Another sister still living told me this was painted by my grandmother. I have often puzzled at when/how a farmer’s wife with 5 kids underfoot could find time to paint! I’m glad she did.

      Sometimes an image will draw me right in, to take a “dream walk” – usually this happens with an image I’ve never seen before. Not the case with this painting, although I never looked at it before with such an intriguing tour-guide’s come-on encouragement!


    1. Betty, thank you … I agree it is an odd pairing. Wish I could recall putting the cat there … what was I thinking? The cat’s colors seem autumn-y to me, in contrast to spring-y bluebonnets. But the cat goes well with the frame …. !


    1. VJ, thanks – I’m glad I moved that chair … since having this wake-up, I’m taking my afternoon “respites” there, nodding to cat before I nod off and again when I reopen eyes. My new buddy. I think of him/her as “Beckon” now.

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