Monarchs Rule The Yard

October 19, 2019.  Monarchs have begun appearing among our blue mist blooms … any day now we expect a large number to swoop through on their way South.  This is an annual delight, but now comes with a complication named Brie.  She’s spending prime outdoor hours indoors – unless I’m available to go intervene on behalf of the Monarchs.  Monarchs seem quiet swift in rising if a cat appears.  But.  Brie is under restrictions!  I found her huddled on the kitchen counter with bananas, clearly pouting.




11 thoughts on “Monarchs Rule The Yard

  1. Love this! I too have blue mist flowers in my back yard and the monarchs are visiting them. My cat is beyond her hunting years…especially if she had to jump up to bat a monarch out of the sky. Also love the photo montage of cat and flowers and monarch.
    On a side note: I often put old bananas out in the yard and some butterflies like their sweetness.

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    1. Betty, thanks – I also have an older cat who is allowed out whenever, as she would not swat a butterfly if it lit upon her nose (she’d just be confused). But Brie? She stays in unless supervised! Hmmm … banana peels … lots accrue for the compost heap … could spare a few for butterflies.


  2. I do that with my cat, too, Jazz. Mostly I try to protect the little chipmunks who are working the yard preparing their burrows for winter. But she is getting old now and while still alert and interested just can’t run fast enough now. So she gets her prime outdoor hours out this year where she sits on the patio content I guess to be near home.


    1. LuAnne, thanks. Good to know I’m not the only kitty-watcher-inhibitor. There are plenty of grasshoppers in our yard that Brie is free to pursue (and does!) but the monarchs distract her from the hoppers, and in she comes. Cats do settle as they mature … a cat sitting on the patio gets gold stars!

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