January 7, 2020.  One week into this new year, new decade … one I have anticipated for its promise of transition in my personal life.  I go through a month-long process each December focusing forward and creating a mandala to guide the coming year.  I named 2020 Navigate Uncertainty given mid-year expectations.  Well … 2020 is showing its character up-front, in this first week!

We were camped at Lake Mineral Wells State Park  (west of Fort Worth TX) when 2020 arrived.  Image (from my Austin yard) is last night’s sunset in west … behind it a cloudless eastern sky dominated by a high bulging moon.





22 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. I don’t know which is more stunning, the gorgeous sunset of the thought provoking poem so well crafted. I had to linger on each stanza; the details paint such a vivid image. I’m going to bookmark this one and share it at my next writers group.

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    1. LuAnne, thank you – that sunset was a gift. According to my cloud chart, those clouds are “undulatus” and the ridges are “perpendicular to the wind”. Must’ve been two winds blowing toward one another way up high. Multiple emotional currents pushing one another inside … I just sat down and wrote ’em out.

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      1. I don’t post so much these days but there’s a lot of back history. You can always use the “EAGER TO VIEW A FEW RANDOM DROPPINGS?” feature. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I was so taken (and then shaken) by the beautiful cat. The encounters (several over 4 days) proved a lesson in “make no assumptions”. She does not worry about longevity – only her now, in a paradise where all dogs are leashed, the deer pay her no mind, and humans leave tasty bits on campsite grills.

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    1. Janice, thank you … since I cannot control the swirl around me, I’m tending to my inner response … not necessarily controlling that, either! But paying attention and looking for multiple angles/perspectives … especially on what doesn’t feel so comfy.
      2020 is likely to be a memorable year on many fronts – here we go! Taking notes along the way …


  2. First the image is stunningly beautiful! The words convey such depth, Jazz. The cat not wanting to be rescued, a metaphor for so much, reminding me that we cannot rescue, fix, or replace, but can, as you did, offer support. The child in medical distress – so heartwrenching – and I thought of so many children, right now, in distress, some cared for, some living in uncertainty. Then the loss of a student, so tragic. Powerful poem. 2020, I have read is the year in which we set our foundation – choose our values and chart our course. Your words highlight the importance.

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    1. VJ, thank you. 2020 is a 4 year beginning a 4 decade … numerology implies “completion” … BUT OF WHAT?! There’s the uncertainty … the challenge. Strong curiosity pushes me into this one. Fingers crossed my body prevails in the wrestle with stress!

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  3. Such a powerful poem for these times that are a-changing. Maybe the cat with her carpe diem attitude is the message I can take with me today as I feel sorrow for all those young lives lost in the airplane crash in Iran. We are in need of ‘a dramatic shift’.

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    1. Sarah, thank you … yes, the times are a-changing … so many places/people/creatures in need of empathy and sympathy. The call is to keep our eyes and hearts open.


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