Summoning Sleep Angels

February 14, 2020:  Insomnia.  Some nights prove unsleepable.   As though I’m being kept awake by invisible energies, wearing down my cognitive defenses that I might receive some message, some vibration from the Universe.  I often happily honor such wee hours … but when the coming day demands I be alert reasonably early … well, then I summon the Sleep Angels.


No mistaking the effectiveness of repetitive motion, in a dark room, with a cat purring.  I’ve collaged my trusty glider with an angel photographed 3 years back (knew I would want that image down the line!)







19 thoughts on “Summoning Sleep Angels

  1. Lovely. Now I see what I need: a reliable purring cat. Glider and angels wouldn’t really fit here, but I think my recliner plus cat would do nicely. All I have to do is finish taming Inky and cure Hal’s allergies . . .

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    1. Yes! Rocking chairs (old-style, glider, platform) prove highly meditative/therapeutic – I learned this (w/o any knowledge of “meditation”) from my dad, who always spent a good number of hours daily in his platform rocker gently rocking and weighing life’s challenges. I would rock awhile when upset about things at school or with friends. My first week at college, I went into town and found a used rocker that I could afford and squeeze into my dorm room. Don’t think I would’ve made it through the first semester otherwise!

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  2. Thank you, LuAnne … that collage came together in a late-night creative spurt … challenge to move one arm so hand went to lips, but third stab works well … and I DID drift off to sleep once complete.


    1. VJ, thank you. If I don’t go to sleep within an hour of going to bed, I get up and have something warm to drink slowly, either rocking gently (to not to spill the brew!) or journaling in theta mode (brain and hand moving so fast my handwriting is illegible next day).

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