Curious Endorsement

March 26, 2020.  We humans do well to pay attention to wisdom beyond our own, channeled perhaps, direct perhaps, intuited probably.  Some questioning (especially of the disparate advice regarding the COVID-19 influence) is inevitable.

Snow Sez is one of my favorite comics, and I have been distressed at his absence this past week.  He was just gathering wisdom, it seems … delivered today.  I took it immediately to my resident “seer” and she gave a nod.  (But note: she continues cleaning her paws in traditional feline fastidious ways.)

(My mother would be 102 today … I sense her nudging me to lighten up.)




15 thoughts on “Curious Endorsement

    1. Yes, she respectfully pointed out the omission of curiosity … (Whereas Snow is an elder cat, and has pretty much seen it all … Brie is still intensely in discovery mode!) Thank you, Leah.

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  1. Happy belated birthday to your mother’s spirit. I’ve been feeling my mother’s spirit a lot lately. Now I’m the mom telling my daughter (over the phone across the Atlantic) to not worry about the future but to just be diligent in being safe.

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    1. LuAnne, thank you – diligence in caution, embracing new norms as personal choices – one new norm is voice connection in lieu of hugs/handshakes (even when not separated by oceans). Resistance and worry can exhaust … I’m hereby taking the word diligence as mantra to ease the irritation factor in masks!


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