Something About The Hum

April 11, 2020.  I’ve been sewing … first time in awhile!  Making face masks to wear into grocery stores and such per COVID-19 expectations.  In years past I did a lot of sewing, but not recently.  Feels good to be back in the saddle, so to speak.




25 thoughts on “Something About The Hum

  1. Good poem, good picture, good cat! Is she sitting on the finished masks or the ones waiting to be sewed? Either way, I guess they’re well protected from any stray breezes or other disruptions.

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    1. Brie’s sitting on the pile of fabrics destined to become masks … Gary stood beside me and said yes/no to each of the fabrics I showed him from the collection that’s grown over the years … intended when purchased to become flute bags. Some of the ones he selected are leftovers from flute bags, some are becoming masks first with leftovers tucked away for a future flute bag … or future who-knows-what. She likes to anchor the pile and surprisingly shows little interest in the strips of bias tape I’m using to make ties for the masks … she perches and tunes into the sewing machine.


    1. Thank you … my saddle is the chair I purchased circa 1979 (Florida days) as a desk chair. Desk long gone, but the small wooden spinning/rolling chair? Definitely a keeper! Full of memories, beginning with my venture into a downtown West Palm Beach office supply store where I may have been their first ever female customer looking for a single chair for home use! (Their behavior certainly left that impression.)


  2. This is totally unrelated (or not?), but this reminds me of scuba. On first entering the water, you’re aware of the sounds of breathing – the air flowing through the regulator and your air then going out of the regulators exhaust port. The sound is essential, a reminder that all is working as required. As you proceed and your attention is drawn to your surroundings, your awareness of the sounds remains a part of your consciousness, but becomes almost subliminal as it is woven through your experience.

    Thank you for this. I hadn’t thought of diving in this way before.

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    1. Wow … never been diving, but I can relate to sounds becoming so expected as to be ignored. Those leaf blowers all over the neighborhood are on the borderline … I hear them some days, don’t others … depends on what I’m doing whether they’re noticeable. And now that I think about it, there’s one whirring away probably 2 houses away from me. Cool response, Ken. Thank you! Now I’ll go find Brie and stir up her purr.

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    1. Yes, no questioning how to thread-the-machine … or wind-the-bobbin … brain picked right up from whenever I last did these. (Very different from trying to use a camera I haven’t touched in a while!)

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  3. I think I might’ve mentioned it before, but for some reason, I can’t like or comment on your blog posts from my phone. I have the same problem with other, but not all, WordPress blogs. Please know that I always read your posts with enthusiasm and pleasure as soon as I receive my notifications of them!

    I’m currently recovering from my bout with Covid-19. Bob also had it, and he’s bounced back amazingly well, to my immense relief! For my part, I’ve been incredibly, unaccountably lucky, considering that I’ve had asthma since childhood — I did end up with pneumonia, but thankfully managed to stay out of the hospital. So many, many others like me have not been so lucky… 😦

    Thank you for the bright light you shine out in cyberspace! I love your accounts of mindfulness that show us the way to hope even in the bleakest of circumstances. Also, your gorgeous fur-baby Brie is a little bundle of sunshine!

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    1. Oh, good … you’re well enough to respond to blogs … a sure sign of imminent recovery! Yea!

      Thank you for your kind words. Brie says purrrrrr

      There must be multiple WP blog protocols using LIKE & REPLY differently. One I follow I can only like FROM iPhone … not computer (my preference unless traveling) On another really old, old WP blog, I cannot leave replies, though the blogger assures me nothing is blocked. And then there’s the Okaji blog … frequently the url changes after the post email notification … if I click the email link on Tuesday to Monday’s post chances are good I’ll see the “This is somewhat embarrassing …” screen and need to click HOME, scroll to the post I’m looking for. (I’ve not encountered this “embarrassing” screen anywhere except Bob’s site.) All worth the bother … but one does wonder why WP can’t be consistent!!

      In March I had a sudden burst of trouble LIKING several (not all) posts (from computer) and worked with the WP “Happiness Engineers” to fine-tune my browser’s use of cookies … issue created by changes in browser; issue resolved by tweaking cookies. The Happiness Engineers encounter left me in awe … soooo much beyond what we see in blog posts! And ever-changing.


    1. VJ, thank you … I know many are in chaos, but “awe” is a better description of my current state. I’d never have thought this shutdown possible, if I’d thought to even ponder such. Here in the suburbs, life is quieter, LESS chaotic – far fewer sirens interrupting silence (no traffic, no accidents!) Interesting having Gary teaching from home (US History!) – frustrating for him. Future of public schools changing by the moment! So much to ponder!


    1. Thank you, Ben – so true. I’m now in the middle of a LOT of hand stitching which puts me into a trance of sorts. I’ve had to break free a couple of times due to a poem rising from my depths insisting WRITE NOW. Any other disruption would annoy, but I find emerging poems “deeply satisfying” indeed.

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  4. ‘but I find emerging poems “deeply satisfying” indeed’

    Snap! This occurred with me most recently yesterday resulting in


    If I may
    I beg to announce
    A healthy
    No congratulations please
    Simply played midwife

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