April 16, 2020.  I saw the alert of an unusual alignment of the moon with respect to Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.  Wee hours of the morning, as moon is waning thus rising later, later each night. Clouds precluded photos the first two tries, but this morning at 3:00am the skies were clear.  Whoopee!  Then ooops … come back in an hour after the moon is above the trees.  Still, I took one cluttered shot.  (I did go back an hour later for uncluttered pics.  None nearly as interesting, though.)




24 thoughts on “Spectacle

    1. The heavy zoom lens makes the camera wobbly. A pro would set up a tripod. I tend to look for something the right height that I can lean into to steady my arms. Mailbox was in just the right spot at just the right height. I likely did look a bit silly.

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      1. Who cares and who else would see at 3am LOL! You did what it took to get a superlative shot! Awesome! Am really impressed😘

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  1. Gorgeous shot and even more gorgeous poem, Jazz. Your poem really puts me with you in the wee morning hours capturing light that never dims. Thank you for your receptivity of beauty and inspiration to share with us all!

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    1. Louise, thank you. The wow in this was waking at the right moment … going straight out w/o delay. I couldn’t have planned it, and I didn’t even recognize its gift in the moment, focused instead on wanting moon higher!


  2. I am very connected (obsessed?) with the sky, especially the moon. I, too, am that half-dressed lady in the yard, always looking up, always camera in hand making the neighbors wonder again. I very much enjoyed your words and awesome image! 🙂

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    1. Laura, your brings smiles. Sometimes when I’m “moon shooting” I end up in the middle of our suburban street in the wee hours, lens pointing upward. No one has ever commented, but I do wonder if any of the neighbors observe.

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    1. Thank you, LuAnne! I love knowing others are as moon-drawn as I am. And there is a bit of thrill in the timing challenge with waning moon visibility low enough to horizon for good camera catches!

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