April 29, 2020.  Yesterday (another day isolating at home) included a nap, and an awakening that stirred up a poem.   This is NOT a black&white image of my blue bedroom – somehow afternoon sunlight shifted perspectives right out of color ranges –  for my eyes, and for the phone camera synchronistically beside me (I don’t usually nap with  phone!).  I’ve added an icon to depict inner spin with Uncertainty.




17 thoughts on “Spinning

    1. Betty, thank you. I have a fondness for ceiling fans that stems from childhood – something we never had but my grandparents did. When I moved to Austin in 1986 (same house I’m in now) I added ceiling fans even though the ceilings are not high. The one pictured is fairly new … a bit bigger than its worn-out predecessor … a bit more hypnotizing!


  1. A slice of life reflection on our current state. I too wonder how this time of pandemic will change our relationships with each other and our planet. I am hoping we will learn to make changes for the better. Thanks for sharing Jazz.

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    1. Thank you, Ali. I am confident we will learn from all this … learning a continual evolving adaptation to new experience and new information. It will take some time … and some reflective writing in the interim!

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    1. Thank you, LuAnne. If I trusted my feet/balance I’d be inclined to bodily spin. Like I did as a kid – when falling down was just an excuse to laugh at myself.


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