Toward Sunset

Recently returned from what’s become an annual November outing to Rancho Lomitas – a native plant nursery near Rio Grande City, in deep south Texas.  The ranch includes RV accommodations amid an amazing abundance of plants and birds.  This visit found me out walking as the sun set several evenings in a row, good therapy for sorting thoughts and settling restlessness.  This poem wrote itself on the third walk.  I was entranced while looking down due to the intensity of the sun in front of me.  The video way exceeds recommended size limits – apologies if it will not load for you; if it will, please enjoy stepping along. (On my end, works with either Windows Media Player or iTunes.)

21 thoughts on “Toward Sunset

  1. crunching, crunching, crunching….love the video!
    And the poem is beautiful as is the photo. I like the idea of the sun snuggling into the horizon and I really like the last line:
    “oh, to go glowing so!”

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    1. One of the friends we’ve made at Rancho Lomitas is quite a bit older than me, no longer able to take long walks, yet he continues to glow. There is an art to aging, and I am taking notes.


  2. What a wonderful poem and with the video there is extra emphasis on the rhythmic motion of poetic verse that takes the path of inspired thought. THANK YOU, JAZZ!!

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    1. Lisa, thank you … I really did want the crunch to be part of this post. In the 8th grade I lived with my aunt 20 miles from town – the school bus dropped me about an hour before my aunt arrived home from work, and I spent that hour walking the gravel road letting my imagination get carried away … this past week’s walking at Rancho Lomitas was similarly liberating.


    1. Thank you, VJ – btw, the green jays would love for you to come applaud their antics again! We hung a feeder on limb of native olive tree beside the Airstream and had 14 or 15 at a time swooping in periodically – then retreating across the way to the resident bird-feeder garden – then back again to our feeder. Great fun, and they remind me of you.


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